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Mobile in the Allgäu region – the mona approach

When travelling on public service buses through the Allgäu, some buses travel to other districts, e.g. from the Oberallgäu to the Ostallgäu. In this case, you may have to change buses, buy a new ticket and wait at the bus stop for the next bus to come.

This can be rather strenuous and demanding for some commuters. Holidaymakers also do not want to waste their free time with elaborate journey planning.

To facilitate the use of public transport in the Allgäu region, several regional private bus operators, districts and cities have joined forces to form a public transport network. This led to the foundation of “Mobilitätsgesellschaft für Nahverkehr im Allgäu” – in short: mona. mona GmbH provides an opportunity to roll out a uniform traffic and tariff system for the districts and cities of the Allgäu region.

The mona network simplifies the use of local public transport. A solid foundation for mona has been built; the next step for mona is to gain momentum.


Our objectives

  • A closely-connected public transport network
  • One point-of-contact for all inquiries about public transportation in the Allgäu-wide mona region.
  • Customer-friendly and extensive traveller information from a single source.


And there are plenty of other good reasons for mona:

  • mona delivers more transparent information on timetables and on travelling with public transport in the Allgäu region.
  • mona centrally collects and provides information for planning your journey, which is quickly made available online or by telephone.
  • Synchronising the tariff structure across the Allgäu region to simplify ticket payment.
  • Destinations in the Allgäu and beyond can be reached in a climate-friendly and eco-friendly way.
  • mona regularly offers special deals, for example combined tickets for events in the Allgäu region.

Not to be overlooked – potential benefits for people and nature:

About 20 per cent of the commuters live and work in different districts. About 50 per cent of them could reach their destinations via bus and train. Moreover, by using public transport tourists can reach destinations throughout the Allgäu region in a quick and convenient manner. Providing a comprehensive public transport system may tempt many drivers to give their car a rest and use public transport to reach regional destinations or near-by large cities.

mona takes us further and moves the Allgäu forward.