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A strong team: mona and Allgäu GmbH

“Improving the transport infrastructure and cross-regional public transport is essentially important to make the Allgäu region more attractive and more competitive. Our vision is to further enhance an easy-to-use and therefore more attractive public transport system for locals, commuters and tourists to help them reach their destinations more quickly”, said Klaus Fischer, Managing Director of Allgäu GmbH, when introducing mona GmbH in April 2015.

Allgäu GmbH has been strongly supporting a public transport concept for the Allgäu since 2010. When establishing mona GmbH, the transport companies involved were consulted and supported by Allgäu GmbH.

In the future, Allgäu GmbH will continue to actively support mona GmbH, particularly when it comes to cooperating with the districts, cities and communities.

A sustainable partnership that takes the Allgäu further.