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mona – mona GmbH

A powerful network of routes to increase mobility in the Allgäu region

mona GmbH is a cooperation between established Allgäu transport companies, supported by districts and cities. Founded in 2014, the company has laid the basis for establishing a central transport association in the Allgäu region with organisational and legal authorities.

The objective is to create a closely-connected local transport network beyond district and city borders. In addition, strengthening local public transport is designated to improve mobility in the Allgäu region. mona is the central point-of-contact for local public transport in the Allgäu.

Under the umbrella of mona, the associated partners are in the process of developing a uniform traffic and tariff system which shall apply to all districts and cities. Extensive passenger information, an extended network of service buses, as well as the synchronization of timetables and fares are among the key tasks of mona.

Currently, 13 transport companies are partners of mona GmbH.

Martin Haslach (Haslach Bus) and Peter Gerke (Schweighart Reisen) are the Managing Directors. Members of the Supervisory Board are Indra Baier-Müller (District Administrator Oberallgäu, Chairman), Helmut Berchtold (Deputy Chairman), Thomas Kiechle (Mayor of Kempten), Stefan Bosse (Mayor of Kaufbeuren) Hans Haslach, Dominic Kuhn, Thomas Kappler, Herbert Morent and Christiane Jentsch.