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Tarifzonen Kempten Allgäu

Please note our tariff and transport regulations.

All prices in Euro. 


Applicable fares for Kempten and northern Oberallgäu as of 01.01.2022.

A uniform rate applies to all mona bus services in Kempten and its surrounding region. The travel fare is calculated according to the number of zones travelled (including tariff zone Zero). It is valid on pre-determined routes of a journey and continues to be valid if you need to change your bus line.  

Kempten city area – tariff zone ZERO (Tarifzone NULL)

Within the ZERO tariff zone, you can use all mona bus services (once or several times, according to type of ticket). Tariff zone ZERO – the Kempten city area – is subdivided into two areas: the ring tariff and the district tariff.

The ring tariff area (R) extends from the city centre to the ring roads Heussring, Adenauerring and Schumacherring, including the Central Train Station. 

The district tariff (S) extends from the ring roads to the city borders and/or the border of tariff zone ZERO. During your journey, if you remain within one of the partial zones R or S you’ll pay a reduced travel fare.

Choose here the number of zones travelled and see how much your fare is. 

Route Map

For prices for other tariff zones, please contact the mona customer centre or call 0800/1154600.

Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Erwachsene 1,902,001,952,703,604,305,005,606,407,30
Kinder 0,951,001,001,351,802,152,502,803,203,65
CleverCard Erwachsene 1,701,801,802,403,203,804,405,005,706,50
CleverCard Kinder 0,850,900,901,201,401,902,202,502,853,25
Gruppen-Ticket Erwachsene -1,801,802,403,203,804,405,005,706,50
Gruppen-Ticket Kinder -0,900,901,201,401,902,202,502,853,25
10-Fahrten-Ticket -18,0017,5524,3032,4038,7045,0050,4057,6065,70
Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Erwachsene -3,903,805,307,108,509,9011,1012,7010,10
mit Abonnement oder Monats-Ticket und Jugendliche unter 18 J. -2,102,102,403,203,804,505,005,806,60
Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Erwachsene -3,903,805,307,108,509,9011,1012,70-
Kinder -1,951,902,653,554,254,955,556,35-
Familien -5,004,906,408,209,6011,0012,2013,80-
Tageskarten Bus & Bahn
Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tageskarte Kempten-Oberallgäu Nord 11,00
Spartarif 9,50
Tageskarte Kempten-Oberallgäu 15,00
Spartarif 13,00
Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Erwachsene -15,2015,0019,0024,0030,0035,0038,6042,7045,60
Schüler/Azubi -13,8012,8017,4020,0026,0031,5034,0037,0039,00
Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Erwachsene -45,5044,0055,8072,5090,50105,00116,00128,00137,00
Monats-Ticket Schüler/Azubi -39,9038,0051,5060,5079,0094,50102,00112,00119,00
Schüler-Ticket -28,8227,8637,7644,3657,9369,2974,7982,1287,26
Abonnements (Monatspreis)
Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
AboCard -29,5828,6036,2747,1358,8368,2575,4083,2089,05
AboCardPlus -35,5834,6042,2753,1364,8374,2581,4089,2095,05
AzubiCard -25,5524,7033,4839,3351,3561,4366,3072,8077,35
JobCard (Anteil Arbeitnehmer) -15,0314,2020,6929,8839,7847,7553,8060,4065,35
JobCard Azubi (Anteil Azubi) -13,0413,0017,6927,1335,7243,0548,8855,4259,97
Abonnements für Gemeinden innerhalb des mona Gebiets im Ostallgäu
Durchfahrene Zonen R/S NULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Umweltabo Erwachsene -40,9039,6050,2065,3081,4094,50104,40115,20123,30
Umweltabo Plus, übertragbar -46,3045,0055,6070,7086,9099,90109,80120,60128,70
Umweltabo Schüler/Azubi -35,4034,2046,3054,5071,1085,1091,80100,80107,10

All prices quoted in Euro. Subject to change, all rights reserved. Valid from 01.01.2022

For travel fares in other tariff zones, please ask your bus driver. General transport terms and conditions, as well as specific transport and tariff conditions of the individual transport companies apply.

Information for disabled persons

Passengers with a disabled person’s pass and a valid letter G code travel free of charge. An accompanying person also travels free of charge, provided that this person accompanies the disabled passenger during the entire journey and whose disabled pass has an additional letter B code. The disabled pass and the letter code have to be presented to the bus driver at the beginning of the journey. Alternatively, eligible persons can indicate their journey at the validator by using an “Identkarte” (special ID card). This chip card is available upon presenting the disabled pass and a valid letter code.

Information about the transport of items 

Bicycles, inline skates, scooters are excluded from transportation. Passengers wearing inline skates will not be transported. Scooters can only be transported when folded up.